Are you happy? Make Sure You Are

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You need to bring your own happiness out to light and enjoy it regardless of any obstacles. You need to make sure you are happy.

What is happiness?

Β Actually, there is no definite answer to this question. Happiness is a state of mind, it's someone who lives well up to his plans and expectations, the emotional positive mental state leads to satisfaction and pleasure.

Happiness is not another one's responsibility but only yours. You must be happy because you deserve to. However, you won't run into happiness randomly. Because life is full of challenges and hardships, your mind is complicated and your heart is heavy, so that, happiness is hard to attain.

People fall ill, fail in their work and business, get financial problems, face fearful situations occasionally, get heartbroken, and precious people around them die. If to count how many times someone cries and gets depressed, the numbers would be higher than expected.

Nevertheless, you will still see their smiles and feel their joy.

Have you wondered if you are happy?

Have you asked yourself before if you are happy? If so, have you tried to find an honest answer? Have you put aside your negative feelings and passive judgments and looked thoroughly into your life to see if there is real happiness there?

I'm not asking to see if you're unhappy, I'm asking about your happiness. Usually, people can easily target reasons for being miserable because sadness overpowers their feelings. Maybe because of that, it's really hard to measure their real happiness.

Now, I am asking you to ignore your unhappy feelings for a while and search for your reasons for happiness.

Happy times are coming

Happiness can't be bought as you know but gained by working hard for it like exerting effort to make a living. Actually, it is a feeling you have to fight to get, you have to expect it in order to have it, and to believe you deserve to come to you.

You will not find it somewhere and plant it into your heart. It's created and produced despite any circumstances by someone who is eager to be happy.

As long as there is sadness, there must be the following happiness just like the sun and the moon's subsequent existence. There is no forever darkness because the sun will always rise the next morning. This is a natural rule.

Happy times are coming for sure, yet sometimes they're a little blurry and not clear needing someone to uncover their presence and welcome them. While it's very dull around you, believe that happiness is there just around the corner and start searching for it sincerely.

The most important thing is that you need to bring your own happiness out to light and enjoy it regardless of any obstacles. It's your duty towards yourself.

What are your sources of happiness?

Happiness includes so many things and everybody sees it from his own perspective. You can think about what brings you joy and satisfaction, however, try to make your thoughts deeper about this issue.

There are many things in this world that can make you happy, but they alone, cannot give you adequate pleasure.

Money is great, it would be wonderful not to worry about earning enough money for life. Cars, buildings, and jewelry are wonderful too. Traveling the world, sightseeing, and watching the wonders of this universe is superb actually.
Whereas, that's not all that brings someone happiness. There are basic standards for being happy. Love, family, friends, health, content, success, and so on.

Only you can evaluate them for which percent everything you have in your life brings you real happiness. Now, what do you think the combination of your sources of happiness? What are your priorities?

It's happiness

Undoubtedly, our happy times are much more than we think we have, it's just that we don't notice them. We don't pause at our best moments of life and say here it's a happy time, let's count it!

When you appreciate what you have and be grateful for what is happening in your life, you become happier. When you have a gathering with an old friend laughing and talking endlessly, be grateful for having such a blessing.
Smiling several times a day, finding reasons to smile brightly is something wonderful. Make sure to take a record of it in your happy times' notes.

Eating your favorite food, exercising, sleeping well, and having time for yourself to think and relax is a sign of happiness.
When you overcome a crisis or win over a disease or earn a degree, you gain so many reasons to be delighted for fighting until getting something positive and succeeding to avoid something negative. The sigh of relief you feel back then is a form of happiness!

If you are to count the little things you are grateful for in your life, you will find them much, and because of that, you can tell how happy you are and what you will plan to do to be even happier.

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24 thoughts on “Are you happy? Make Sure You Are

  1. There are just one way to find at ion point happiness, in my opinion = have to be satisfied.
    The access to the happiness is staying satisfies

    1. I think joy holds deeper feelings and related to self-content and satisfaction more!
      I haven’t thought about that before.
      So, what are your thoughts about that?

  2. There is what Aristotle called hedonic happiness=titillation and stimulation, which is the shallow level of happiness that is there only as long as stimulation is there, and what he called eudemonic happiness=meaning and self-realization, which is a profound state of happiness that does not depend upon external stimulation

    1. This is profound and reasonable, I like this description! Happiness has no firm definition but all leading to the same feeling! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Absolutely agree with your post! Just finding little things to be your happiness each day just makes you smile ?

  4. Congratulations, I have nominated you for the Awesome Blogger Award! Apologies if you’ve already had one, but you deserve it πŸ™‚

    1. Really! Maybe because it’s a pop up pattern, you need to hold it tight! ?Actually your subscription hasn’t been done, have you verified via your email?

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