Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer

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Your dream starts with you. Never forget that the strength, passion, and patience you have can drive you to reach the stars and change the world.

If you want something bad enough, it happens. It's not a myth, it's just a simple and well-planned process. Your energy, your effort, your strong will, and your perseverance are the elements you need to support whatever you want to happen.

Dreamers start their plans with a big dream that seems to be more like illusions, and then they begin to take it into the seriousness level and after that, they start working on turning them into a reality. This is what makes those with big dreams reach high levels of creativity. They treat their thoughts and imaginary targets with interest and faith.

They believe in their dreams and befriend them until they succeed. They just don't stop in the middle or give up after a few failures. It's mostly about faith, hope, determination, and good decisions.

When you have a dream that's worthy exerting all efforts on, then start acting without hesitation. You need to gather your power and put your strong will into action. Make it a mission for yourself to carry out with a proper agenda.

You are the one who decides whether to make it a success or a failure. You will get tired and face fears of different levels and may lose interest from time to time, yet you will continue. All the challenges you face will be your tools later in strengthening your foundation in building that big dream.

 For me, I have encountered many situations that called for patience and I wasn't patient enough that I didn't get what I want. On the other hand, I had many prominent events in my life I wasn't even planning for them to happen, but they took place because I was very desperate, and in turn, all my weapons were there to support me positively. My mind and my soul took my despair as a sign of the highest level of emergency that I acted without realizing.

I had done what I thought I can never do. Yes, this happens, it's just like the night before an important test when you find yourself making miraculous preparations just to pass that test.




Be driven by your dreams, not by your doubts

When we are driven by an urge to do something we need and look forward to, we get it but it depends on how much it is needed. It's called pursuing a dream.

A dream may be shiny and huge like the big dreams we have or just modest that looks trivial in the eyes of an outsider yet its impact on us is just massive! It's all about dreams, talking about them can't be put into a few words. It's like talking about the solar system, no ends, and full of amazing miracles! 

There will be times when all of your work will seem aimless and your effort will look just like nothing. It's when you get tired or bored for any reason that you see the dreams you once thought of as mountains looking shallow and tasteless, and the problems you face will become huge and merciless.

When you reach that level, then you can be sure that you are on the right track. Successful roads are full of fallen rocks that will be blocking everyone's road until a person who sees them properly will take action and think of good ways to remove them. If they weren't there, then anyone would have made it.

Don't fall for those doubts and treat them as reminders to motivate you more and boost your determination more and more. 




Make your journey interesting and joyful

Just thinking about achieving something you dearly want is exciting and brings much happiness. Such a breathtaking joy is the key motivation to exert effort and welcome the tiredness while expecting more and more joy.

When it gets hard as it is expected, you can always look for ways to bring out forms of the happiness you are looking for. Make sure your journey is interesting and thrilling as much as you can to avoid getting a slump. It's not easy to have fun while pursuing something that may look impossible. But you are not anyone, you are a person who started with a dream and gathered all his strength to achieve his miracle.

You wouldn't have started if you weren't sure you can do it. The joy will be in making successful steps one by one. Every single step will bring along happiness to wash away the bitterness and tiredness you went through before.

Make your plans and work hard but don't forget to take rest from time to time when you feel your body and soul need that.




Sail away from the safe harbor

Get our of your comfort zone. Don't pause at the step of making plans as the easiest thing ever is planning with no action. Start right away before your passion cools off. I learned a lot over the past few years.

They weren't very productive for me comparing with before but to admit it, the lessons were just priceless. I knew how it feels to strive to do better because I have no choice but to continue.

I am still trying and fighting to dream again and set new goals and go after them after my old plans have already collapsed.

After my last failed plan, I had time off to rethink and rebuild like I believe I should. However, that time extended for more than expected and I had a very comfy zone of the do-nothing and the just stay low state.

I was used to being safe in my harbor with no storms or energy needed for sailing. I knew back then that I was in danger. I felt bad about the time wasted and the no production condition I forced myself out of that state by dreaming a ridiculously big dream again that made my competitive spirits come out to fight.

I made this post to tell you to dream and to dare to dream big because despite everything, you are breathing and alive and this is all you need to go on and hit it big.

And never give up hope^^

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