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Courage is to go forward despite the fear. It's realizing how much standing up for something hurts, yet choosing to get wounded rather than being a coward.

Courage is not a simple word or a single behavior limited to showing bravery and facing fear. Courage is a collection of many good behaviors that are all connected together. It involves kindness, love, care, respect, and many other beautiful virtues. It's realizing how much standing up for it hurts, yet choosing to get wounded rather than being a coward.

It is the most wanted but less found status among humans. "This is what's the most desired for me now and if I were more daring to gain some courage, I would have done better and wouldn't be here right now!", I'm such thoughts bother you frequently.

One mystery of this emotion, the courage thing, is sometimes I feel I need it badly yet I can't bear with getting it; I need to be courageous when I am most afraid, but it is not easy. However, when fear dominates, I believe courage will and always be the remaining exit if we believe enough in ourselves.

When something serious which needs immediate interference occurs, only courage and enough strength to defeat hesitation and lack of confidence can deal with it.

Courage is not the lack of fear, it is going through despite fearing because continuing regardless of being afraid is an act of real courage, not many people can do it. That's why some people succeed in things that others won't dare to take a single step in.

It can become your identity if you manage to do it regularly. Take brave steps and make fearless decisions on a regular basis and you will master courage.


Be brave, be respectful, be thoughtful

Don't be rude or forceful because you need to do what others cannot or to be superior. Instead, try to be reasonable and thoughtful towards people around you while making plans and decisions for your own benefit. You don't need to be aggressive or disrespectful to look brave because the real bravery is to be considerate while showing your strength.

Not anyone can act as courageous and respectful at the same time. Respect others in a way that shows how strong you are, defend the weak, and be kind to people around you even if they are not your friends. Be courageous when it comes to other people's benefits and rights. All of that is courage too. You will gain more than winning situations, you will make allies and build long-lasting relationships.  

We're not born superheroes. People are born with the potential, then life and experiences help them grow it. We gain our confidence to do something bold and righteous from people we love and being loved by because when their love is strong enough to feed our souls, we go beyond expectations.

What we need the most in order to be firm and fearless when we are the most scared and terrified is people; really good people! We need to gain as much strength from their care and support as we can so that when our energy depletes they will be the pushing power supplies our exhausted souls.



It's okay to be scared while showing courage

High-quality goods always shine and look catchy even if they have some defects as long as they're not affecting their fineness. It's almost the same here, being reasonable when it calls for bravery makes the one look so brilliant and outstanding giving people around a sense of trust and security, they will believe this one can do anything very well and without hesitation.

This is how it looks from the outside of a brave man. However, he may have been trembling in fear without letting others find out his inner doubts. He is courageous! And like George Patton said, "Courage is fear holding on one minute longer." That's why It's not bad, actually, it's healthy. 

There will be a time when your progress and success will be measured by how courageous decisions you will make. Life will give you this test, you will need to choose between being safe while holding onto your fears or being brave to give brilliant results that makes you outstanding. If you choose to stay in your comfort zone, you will find yourself at the end of every year at the same spot, and believe me, you will not like this version of yourself.

This will take you to depression mode and blaming yourself for your weakness. Only by breaking off from your fears and doubts, you gain confidence leading you to the right track once again and courage will start to grow.


Continue to learn and get skilled

You may need to read and discover the act of courage and how people work on themselves to master it. However, this is not all, you need to practice it yourself. Give yourself a weekly task to do something that scares you; a decision you have postponed for a long time or a situation you need to face and will determine how courageous you are.

Give yourself a simple mission at first, you don't have to force yourself, you just need to make it stronger. Sometimes you need to recall your confidence at a certain moment or situation to bring out your courage.

You need to scan your inner heart to figure out what scares it the most and find the reasons for it. It is a good start for figuring out how to strengthen yourself. You are not a coward but at times, you need a reminder of how powerful you are that your fears won't control you. It needs the practice to make your courageous act become an instinct, to appear when it calls for it.

Practicing will help you to manage your emotions, stop your anger, hide your fears, be true to yourself and your feelings. Courage is needed for many situations more than stopping a bully or confronting an unfair boss.

You need your courage the most when confessing your feelings to someone or admitting your wrongdoing against someone. You have to be prepared to show your courage to yourself first by being honest to be able to show it to your beloved ones after that.



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  1. ”Courage is not the lack of fear, it is going through despite fearing”. Loved this line ❤. Yesss…it is!! Looking forward to your future posts sister.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I think we often mislead each other about what courage and bravery truly are.

    The true definition of courage and bravery is something I often discuss with my son. He gets anxious about lots of things, but most of the time he goes on to do the things he is anxious about anyway.

    Because he gets nervous, worried and anxious he thinks he is not courageous or brave and looks at others, who seem more outgoing and confident, and thinks they are the brave ones.

    I tell him he is extremely courageous and brave each and every time he feels fear but completes the task anyway. I share the following quote by Mandy Hale with him:

    “It’s OK to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something really really brave” .

    1. You are right. This quote is awesome! It’s okay to be scared! ??
      We all go through such times, but overcoming them is the key. He will learn to defeat his fears gradually because has a great mom who supports him. ?

    1. Yes, we tend to do somethings half-heartedly. But, we are still learning to do better! It’s okay! ?
      Thanks for your comment ^^

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