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How To Establish Good Habits


Behavior and attitude are automatically done and carrying out repeated actions like daily essential activities is, what a habit is. There are different types of habits whether they are good or bad. Some are involuntary, we do because they are part of our living process while some others are done because we intend to develop them as good conduct such as exercising.

What you’ve been repeating every day contributed to what you are right now and how your life’s become. To be a great person, develop excellent habits. We have hundreds of habits daily and occasionally too.

Each habit carries a part of our identity because we represent what we consistently do. Our thoughts, words, values, beliefs, and actions are major contributors to our habits. Therefore, to control them, we ought to manage what we think about and what we believe in. 

The part of our brain responsible for managing habits, new and old ones, is called the basal ganglia. Researchers found out that some people who have serious brain damage, yet their basal ganglia hasn’t been affected, can still perform certain habits they were used to before very well, despite their injury. Some habits are firmly embedded in our brains that we keep behaving according to even if they later turn out to be of no benefit, simply because they are habits.

It’s been proven that about forty percent of our actions are a result of habits, not decisions. That’s why it’s believed that old habits die hard, as it’s known to all of us how much one habit can change someone’s life.
Now, the question is, how to establish good habits and stick to them? Here are some tips to help you replace your bad habits with good ones.

1. Scan your habits and filter them

Habits are scary when you dwell on them blindly. Thus, if you want to do well in your life, start scanning your habits and filter the good ones from the must-change ones. You need to do this occasionally to make sure you haven’t wasted a long time doing something you are not satisfied with.

The good news is, good habits can last forever with you. And, for the bad news, we can turn them into good news too by replacing the unfavorable habits with great ones.

Your daily life is the standard to evaluate how beneficial your lifestyle is to your goals and dreams. You may think you are doing well and no major changes will be needed until you look thoroughly into your actions and their effects. In other words, a lot of events in life call for less time and effort than you may do because of needless behaviors you are used to such as stress, negativity, hesitation, and overthinking. Whatever the scan results are, point them clearly and be ready to get rid of what’s making you less content or productive.

2. Be proud of your good habits

Your good habits are worth being respected and loved by you. Be proud of how well your attitude is because you are doing something wise for a long time that called for effort while others may not be able to do it. It may be a good virtue, a good attitude, something related to people you love, or a job or business.

Just like encouraging someone to do better in their job, you need similar cheering to keep up. Be a winner in your heart and reject staying in the loser’s position, then your beliefs will fix your habits firmer towards the characteristics of a successful person.
Furthermore, this self-emotional support will make your heart treasure the loveable and joyful feelings of performing these habits. And notably, for a matter to last longer, there is nothing better than love and pleasure to protect its existence. You can be the one who gives oneself what is needed to make good habits last forever.

3. Break the bad habits

Bad habits may last forever too if you don’t have the courage and determination to get rid of them. You will need some inspiration to do that like reminding yourself of a motivational outcome to be a pushing power to chase away harmful habits.

Study your habits well and try to find the benefit of getting them out of your life. You will find financial reasons or emotional causes driving you to stop any hesitation.
Continuing to do something that has a bad impact on your life is what we call an addiction to a certain habit, it is how you iterate them, times and times and as a result, the more the repetition, the stronger these habits cling to you.

To break or weaken them, either way, you should start belittling their importance and reminding yourself of their negative consequences in the long run. It won’t be done in a day or two, but, with time, they will disappear completely as if they have not existed at all.
A good way to kill an old habit is to start a new one. I believe that good virtues chase away bad ones. If someone wants to quit cursing or insulting others, for example, he is advised to replace every negative word with positive ones even if it is not intended until his mouth gets used to saying only kind words and after that, this behavior will become a habit. You can do the same with your bad habits, so put the roots of one new action to remove the impact of an old action slowly, and doing this new regular action will drive something good to be born replacing that old one.

4. Develop a habit of being excellent

The best way to treat yourself is by giving her the perfect results. Excellence is the most perfect outcome of anything you start. You predict the best because you deserve the best. This is the mindset of excellence.

The habit of wanting and predicting something great will attract everything that will lead to success.
The habits of successful people are not very ideal or not reachable. They do what unsuccessful people don’t and they do it regularly that they become like no one else.

Successful habits are simple, but the problem is building such habits requires positivity and perseverance. Be positive and don’t doubt your abilities. Expect positive outcomes and plan accordingly.

In reality, the secret of establishing great habits is loving them more than any old habit or any weak feeling oppositely dragging you. How beautifully this new habit of eating healthy food made your health better and your mind clearer will make you love yourself and your habit too. This love will take away your weakness and tiredness too.

5. Reward Yourself

No matter how old you are, rewards will bring pleasure and satisfaction to your heart. Even a smile from someone recognizing your effort can give you great happiness. Self-reward is something amazing, owing to it, you boost your confidence in being competent.

Besides, you give yourself the credit for every achievement, so that self-satisfaction is engraved in your memories and comes along with every new accomplishment. Connecting that to a good habit you acquired lately or a bad habit you’ve finally destroyed will be very motivating to do better.

Treat yourself to something you love, take a rest from something tiring, or buy yourself a gift you need after every accomplishment you achieve. Whatever the way you reward yourself, make sure it brings you happiness and more love for yourself.
In addition, the most prominent rewards will be seen later. Someone who’s quitted smoking, for example, will regain his health and enjoy his freedom from such a destructive habit. The person who has no friends remaining because of failing to choose the appropriate words to express his feelings will find new delight in building beautiful relationships after kicking away that habit of choosing wrong expressions.

Finally, Samuel Johnson said, “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” Habits are like hidden enemies; you can’t beat them until you recognize their existence. However, never show weakness in front of your enemies.

A lasting bad habit that steals your life is worse than a visible enemy you can defeat at once. If you are determined enough, bad habits will become fragile facing your confrontation, so that, when you decide to replace them with good habits, believe me, you are the winner for sure.

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  1. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
    So true.
    Rewards are essential and I have used them multiple times in my life to enforce better habits. Great reminder!

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