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There come times when you need to know how to let go of negative emotions and thoughts holding you back from moving on. Some situations stay in your life longer than they ought to. When you feel negative about life, you can hardly control your heart and mind. Sometimes you lose interest in achieving your goals, and negativity steals your overall well-being.

At such times, you may lose faith in people whom you care about and love. You distance yourself from what makes your heart warm and alive. You tend to forget that life is full of setbacks and heartaches and hold more onto lingering negative emotions.

Sound like you? There is nobody who hasn’t experienced similar feelings as it’s part of life challenges. Who can heal you will always be you in the first place. Therefore, you need to learn how to change the way you think and feel to free yourself from that prison of negativity.

Here are five steps to help you let go of negative emotions and thoughts.

1. Feel Your Feelings

How to feel what you sense? It’s to identify what you feel and put a clear name to it. When you are angry, sad, or disappointed in a situation, you just need to express it. Whether to say it out loud to yourself or write it in your diary, the most important is to release those feelings at the right time.

We all have feelings and emotions, sometimes they control us and sometimes we control them, and we experience both. You don’t have to force-stop your emotions thinking that they are negative and worthless. Only remember that what you need is the right way to handle them not suppress them.

Anger and anxiety, both are harmful yet useful at the same time. They alert you that there is a situation that needs attention and a certain reaction to it. On the contrary, they can stress you once they become uncontrollable.

Acknowledge these emotions and give yourself the right to feel them. Don’t judge yourself and stop blaming yourself for feeling that way because you are a human being and you need all sorts of emotions to live well. Knowing this fact is very helpful to feel your feelings and express them well on time.

negative emotions and thoughts

2. Reframe Negative Thoughts

Once you identify your emotions and accept them, you give yourself a chance to heal from the negative effects released automatically. Reframe your thoughts by breaking the cycle of emotionally stressful effects on your mind.

You are stressed when anxiety flares up which makes you even more confused and depressed. But, you can try this way of thinking, “I’m having anxiety, but I am fine. It’s understandable.” Furthermore, think about giving yourself an answer as if it’s directed to a friend who is facing your problem and asking for your opinion. In this case, you will find kind and compassionate words to help him with.

Train your mind not to believe your feelings while you are very emotional as you know well it’s not rational or reasonable thinking. Always remind yourself that what you are thinking about at that moment is only temporary and things will change once your emotions change.

People tend to think more of negative situations in their lives to rationalize their negative emotional patterns. Discontinue this way of thinking once you catch yourself immersed in that. Moreover, don’t forget that things change and conclusions about the situation and outcome will never become one hundred percent correct because you only judge from your knowledge which is not everything. There are always unknown variations.

There is a serious way of calculating the results you wait or aim for which depends solely on the idea of all or nothing. Either you succeed, fail, or live or die; you must stop waiting for these results. Life is about succeeding while losing something or the opposite. There is no infinite answer to your problem, it’s just the way you look at it that gives you the answer.

3. Let Happiness Find You

You Let Go Of Negative Emotions

While you are deeply sad or worried, your behavior will only reflect your mood which may be sitting alone in a dark place or crying under a blanket. This is the pose of unhappiness in which you need to change even if you can’t change your mood first.

How to let happiness find you depends on when to change your behavior towards your state. What you tell your mind will change you, ask your mind about how you normally behave when you are happy and start doing it. Whether it’s a phone call to a friend a hearty meal that lifts your mood, or a walk alone breathing fresh air, do it anyhow.

You have probably heard that saying from Charles R. Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Let sadness come to you embrace it, and go ahead with all your might towards happiness. Act as if you are happy and you will gather all your strength to be a happy person.

Don’t try to resist your feelings, rather invade them with happier and positive emotions and thoughts. Always think that life can be ended in a minute or a year or years, and what matters most is the current moment. It’s a waste to be unhappy because of temporary circumstances.

Grab what you want to fill your heart with and hold onto it until it does fill it. Just let happiness come naturally to you.

4. Practice Gratitude

The first and most inspiring step in practicing gratitude is being grateful to GOD. Thank GOD for everything you are living and will be living because you need to recall your belief that, “all that’s happening in your life is for you.”

The most beautiful and warm emotion you need when you feel down is gratitude. You want to feel all the blessings you have in your life to gradually get rid of any other negative emotions. Keep a note of things you are grateful for and keep adding to this note every time you feel thankful for someone or for gaining something.

Remember the hard times you had through life; how hard it was for you and how far you’ve come overcoming them and becoming much better. If you watch the surroundings with a grateful eye, everything will change and your thoughts will change too.

To be thankful is for your people yourself and your life. It’s a blessing you need to cherish and work on growing it. You will be able to see happiness in the little things you ignored before, and your heart will be filled with kindness and warmth again. It’s a great way to end your emotional negativity.

5. Use Daily Affirmations

One of the most positive ways to help you let go of negative emotions and thoughts is using positive daily affirmations. Affirmations change your belief system by creating powerful energy to influence and change you deeply.

When you are feeling fine, not stressed, and emotionally stable, it’s a good time to practice positive affirmations. Allow yourself to choose what to keep growing inside and what to let go of. You choose confidence, determination, and self-love so that you find them supporting you in times of weakness and depression.

There are so many types of affirmations you need to focus on. Look carefully for what you need to hear most when you feel down, write them down, and say them regularly as much as you need in your life.

Affirm positivity, affirm love, affirm abundance, affirm happiness, and affirm success. By doing that, you get much attention and care you need to receive from yourself first. You also invade your lingering emotions and thoughts with beliefs and strength.

And finally, just like when your body gives you signs indicating its need for food to survive and live, your heart sends similar signals. Hearts need what makes them alive too. Don’t ignore your negative thoughts and feelings, they are the voice of your heart calling for help.

Don’t give in and work hard to find the cause of suffering. Maybe your needs are more of love and care and security and warmth. And it’s only you who can find your own needs and help your heart and mind find ease and peace in living.

By Chaymaa

It's Chaymaa, a pharmacist and writer. I write about life and motivation. I love to inspire people and get inspired. My best quote is, "What defines us is how well we rise after falling." So, let's never give up!

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