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How to win in life


“How to win in life:

1. Work hard.

2. Complain less.

3. Listen more.

4. Try, learn, grow.

5. Don’t let people tell you it can’t be done.

6. Make no excuses.”

– Germany Kent

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12 thoughts on “How to win in life”

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  2. SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Went to School Close to the Top 19 Years And 3 Degrees i Didn’t Win…
    SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Went to Work 33 Years Part of the Way Through School too And Even

    Retiring At Higher Grade Levels of Pay
    For The Federal Government Early
    Disabled After 25 Years of Work
    At An NF-4 Level Equivalent
    to A Major in the Marines

    i Still Didn’t Win Yes
    Next Destination Hell
    For 66 Months as my Problem
    Was i Went to School i Went to Work
    i Truly Failed IT All As i No Longer Played
    With The Eyes of my 4 Year-Old Child me

    Before i Even Learned to Talk At Age 4 Then
    For It’s True Before i Could Speak At 4 then at age 3
    Without Words in Our Down Town Home Living on the
    River With my Grandmother Then After my Father Left my
    Mother to Take Care of Us Solo Then Looking Across the

    River at Age
    3 Before i Could
    Speak at 4 Through
    Intuition All Innate and
    Instinctual Well Beyond Words
    i Felt i Sensed Looking across the River

    i Am the Tree the Leaf That Feeds the Forest
    Soils for the Forest to Grow Even Deeper as me

    So Who is me
    All that is All that
    Ever Was These EYes
    This Temple of God Free FLoWinG River Free

    Now All i Do is Play All i Do is Win mY FRiEnD
    For Now my Currency is Living Life my Pay Rate
    Is Loving Life And my Pay Grade is Inhaling Peace
    ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing


    All for Free
    With Least Harm

    Indeed Now i am the
    Leaf of the Tree of the
    Forest Both RiSinG Green
    And Falling to Soils to Sprout New Green
    Souls of Summer FLoWeRS Petals Falling
    to Winter Frozen Soils Always Greening

    Within this

    Way No Matter
    What Season Now
    or Weather i CoMe NeW
    to Play i Come to Love it All

    True i Never WorK NoW Not At All
    All That’s Left to Do is Win LoVE NeW


    Breath This LoVE LiFE
    This Free Play For Real i Win..:)

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