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It's amazing! It's awesome! It's very beautiful! Such expressions, can't do but say when something great happens or when you see beautiful scenery or victorious events or someone who won or succeeded at something. 

They are very positive expressions. The world is full of reasons to express them. Like bad and sad exist in another direction, they are there for you in the other direction, and to get influenced by which of them, it's always your choice.

It's hard to see how amazing life maybe because you are living many challenges in order to survive. Despite this, you will need to look to the right side, the bright side, and the most dazzling one and contemplate God's beautiful creations.

Because the best is yet to come

Try to make every new coming day is the best day of your life. That way, you will really live the best of your life for the rest of your life. Rise above all challenges and thrive to do well.

Your eyes should be trained to see how lovely the surroundings are to be able to withstand what's you are immersed in. This way, your struggles, and challenges won't suck off all of your energy.

Through reading, listening, exploring, traveling, engaging with new people, exposure to different cultures and customs, and through learning, you can have a different vision of your life. Only then, this life of yours will be changed completely, I believe.

Every chapter of life will include sets of interests, you will find things exciting to the extent of making you curious to explore. Embrace such emotions and let them grow towards improving life.

What you will like in the twenties will be different from what attracts your attention in your fifties. This is all building your mind and force you into directions of positive feelings and thoughts.

The world is full of amazing things, and they are waiting for you to look for and explore. Choose to see what makes you happy, regenerate your energy, and make you rich physically and emotionally.

I will give you examples of how to enjoy the feeling of being amazed by something. Here are two different ways of inspiration you can develop your interest in. 

Let biographies of successful figures inspire you


How diligently they lived their lives and how strongly they survived through challenges. It's also how amazing they managed to leave such influencing biographies for those who ask for inspiration.

We are what we constantly think of and repeatedly do. Sometimes when you read a story and love it, you start imagining its characters as your own people. Then, you act like a hero and believe that you can be one too.

Likewise, reading biographies carries you to a very far away land owned by a person who is trying his best to lead a worthy life. You get impressed by his successes and sympathize with his struggles.

Surfing pages and reading about someone who existed even before you were born is very interesting. While you read a few pages about him, you get through his 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s to realize how long had it taken him to be this figure you are admiring now.

His all life and years are in front of you to learn and understand. His experiences, his feeling, and the most ups and downs of his life are shown to you. It's as if you were living with him or spending days and weeks to make an interview with him.

Moreover, you will adapt the wisdom of an old man who's lived his life fully. You start to think bigger and in turn plan, then achieve better. Your own difficulties will appear less hurting and your life will be shaped in a new image in your mind.

Therefore, you will believe in yourself and trust your own abilities because you have seen what's harder than your situation and a person who had overcome them all.

Let nature speaks with you


Have you woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise? If not, maybe you should try it. It gives you mixed feelings of content, positivity, and excitement.

If you take a deep breath while looking at the sun starting a new journey in our sky, you will get enough motivation to overcome what's coming in the new day.

Let's go for a walk where there are beaches, birds, and sandy castles. It's where someone can fly out of joy breathing all the fresh air in there. It's healing for whoever feels frustrated or stuffy. 

In presence of something humans have almost no interference with, you can feel freedom. Animals, sky, moon, stars, mountains, oceans, and every single living creature we know or not.

For every new discovery of nature, you will be able to find new myths inside you. Let yourself be a communicator with nature. Let oceans tell you their stories along with the history before even humans existed. 

It's all about motivation. Get inspired even by ants trying their best to save food while hiding from humans' feet just to survive. Be the one who sets an example for another one of how life can be less complicated and least regretful.

9 thoughts on “For One Amazing And Motivational Life – Hayat

  1. Navin says:

    It’s very true what you write….I can very much connect with your words….however I see beauty in darkness as well….would you lit the light if there were never dark….meaning, even dark moments can be motivational….the inner demons, the pain, the lows, the falls….I find them equally important….they help in forming the route to light….positivity….the motivation can come from such moments….as they show the reality from a different & sometimes deeper perspective….am I making any sense?

    1. Chaymaa says:

      Great wisdom! Yes, you are so right. Darkness makes the light brighter and appealing! By fighting through hard times, happiness and strength just follow.
      Thanks for your comment and have a great day!

      1. Navin says:

        Thanks for reading my comment & reflect on it…you too have a wonderful & peaceful day ✨


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