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Our ultimate goal is to live a decent life which means living the best of our life. Being happy, feeling love, and living in peace. As humans, we can be satisfied when our wishes come true. Yet, our desires are never-ending, they keep growing with time while getting older. To feel satisfied, we need to take some points into consideration. We can't live aimlessly with no renewable plans, goals, or definite purposes.

We need to think regularly about our life as a whole just like we think about what we wear and eat every day. To see life in various aspects and to value every moment we live, we need to pause from time to time to evaluate what's been done and organize our plans about what needs to be done.

Be yourself

The very original version of yourself is the most gorgeous one. Just be yourself. Don't try to be someone else even if that one is the most perfect in your eyes. This haircut will only be beautiful on you because your face is making it stands out.

Just like having your own features that are only suitable for you, believe that being your own self is the best gift you possess right now. Your imperfection is what makes you a good-looking human being. With your thoughts, values, and beliefs, you are this person who is trying his best to live well, this person who needs to improve himself rather than copying anyone else. Just be aware that it is amazing the way you are.

Everyone knows this saying, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." I love this quote, it tells me to stop getting impressed by others' charms to the extent of belittling yours. If so, then just focus on my own. People respect the one who is true to himself.

He appeals to them because the respect he shows to himself becomes too bright that attracts their attention. So, remind yourself all the time and while facing any situation to be you so that you can win. Trust the real you and you will never be turned down.

Love yourself

Not all of us love ourselves, perhaps we don't even know how to start and keep this love. We don't because we may have ignored our hearts' signals of needing help for a long time or be busy loving and caring for people around, or maybe some other reason.

To love yourself is to care, respect, accept, and have a positive image of yourself. It's to maintain heart, mind, body, emotions, and soul in a proper and healthy state. You regard yourself as a worthy person who deserves a better environment.

No one is perfect, but you need to keep your mind adapted to the fact that your most perfect life is the one you are contented with, and this kind of life will need the effort of you as the main lead and the only decider.

You have to love yourself deeply so that you can give the most beautiful love to others. To be ready for this, you need to work on your personal growth. Continuous learning will lead you to a better understanding of yourself.

Besides, this will take you to a higher level of personal development which will be the foundation of a person's happiness and success. It's all connected to each other by you and your potential to manage your self-love. So, and again, Love Yourself.

Be kind, helpful, and compassionate

You only need to grow the compassionate part of your personality. Thus, you will be able to offer help to others without calculations or hesitation. To do that, you got to put yourself in other people's shoes in every situation you encounter that needs offering help. You don't have to give much when you don't own that much.

I'm talking generally about anything you can give whether it's emotions, money, physical help, or anything. You can give a smile that turns a day of someone who is struggling emotionally into a non-imaginable pleasure.

That much help may seem like a small act of kindness, but who knows what would be effect like washing out someone's bitterness.


Dream Big

Anais Nin said, "Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country." Can you feel the freedom and strength in this quote? It tells you to dream freely and go where your imagination takes you without confusion.

Dream high as much as you can and always aim for the greatest. Dreamers are the richest ever. To live holding on to big dreams means your daily life will be influenced by how higher you want to reach. For that, believe me, you will not settle for any less. And for that, you will work sub-consciously to modify all your surroundings to match with your non-stop dreaming abilities.

Set your goals and allow them to take place. Plan for everything, have long-term goals and short-term ones. Read a lot about how to plan scientifically and how to make definite decisions about your life.

Make a lot of decisions to support these goals and feel free to fail in achieving them because this is how you will make stronger ones.

Accept your failures and face your fears with fewer complaints

Failure is part of the process of being successful. You don't have to fear failure. Instead, you have to face it taking your fear with you while preparing a strong will to overcome that fear. Don't try to distract yourself with evading responsibilities or blaming others or you will find yourself gaining more fear.

Weak people only find this option the easiest, therefore, they complain, cry loud, blame and get themselves busy looking for someone who takes the blame for them just to omit one failure from their life. This gets them nowhere but more weakness and more failures.

Success is failing times and times while learning new lessons and strategies until reaching the following progress. Accept it and believe that you are building a steady successful life with loads of priceless experiences.

Whatever kind of fears you are having, don't panic, it means you are moving forward while meeting new challenges. New fights bring along new victories just like they throw worrying fears into the battlefield. Knowing this is the first and the most important step to conquering fear.

Be positive

To be positive, you will have to develop a positive attitude towards daily events that are stressful most of the time. To be positive, you will need to grow good habits and affirmations to help you go through tough times. Being happy and in a good state, all the time is almost impossible.

There is a balance between good times and bad times and how to keep this balance in your favor is the closest to leading a positive life.

Make your surroundings a suitable environment to assist you in keeping that balance on the positive side. Make motivation dominates as you will always need continuous pushing power as an example, read about successful people, and how they reached their goals.

Stay close to people who bring out the best in you and make friends with those who have the ability to inspire you. In addition, you need to exercise and eat healthy food or do anything that makes you active and energized, this helps a lot in purifying your soul.

Never give up

Work hard as long as you are able to. Don't say it's a heavy burden because you are having hard times right now. Instead, think about those who have been through much more you than you can imagine yet they are persevering.

Certainly, it's not easy to lead a good and successful life, yet, it's absolutely worthy. We are all struggling in different ways. We are all trying to use various methods to survive. We are all heroes in our circles for persistently not giving up.

Never give up no matter how hard it gets or how exhausted you have become because miracles happen every day. They may be or on their way to you the moment you are about to give up.

Think about how far have you gone and rethink the purpose of starting from the beginning. Every sunset is followed by sunrise. There is no forever darkness.

There is always hope along the road of the journey, definitely strong believers can see it. Therefore, you must be powerful when it comes to believing.

Never give up because one beautiful life will be coming to You who hold on until the end.

29 thoughts on “Live Your Best Life Now

  1. ibrahimrazk says:

    Actually.. That’s take anybody to still optimistic of life nowadays..
    So amazing ideas

  2. seekingdivineperspective says:

    I like what you say about failure. Our worth is not based on performance. Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. My security is not in avoiding failure but in trusting my Creator. (“Being confident of this: that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…” – Philippians 1:6

    1. chaymaa says:

      Yes, faith is the corner stone in our life. It gets all fall into place! Thanks for being here. ??

  3. A Dose of JJ's Reality says:

    Oh, I love your post. I used to say, “you can live your best life or you can live your best lie, you choose.” It all starts with you. Such a good post. Especially, the section about never giving up. That is one of my mantras when I run on the treadmill. I can’t give up I have to give up and work on my if not for my health but my own sanity. You are very inspiring and positive. Keep it going.

  4. bindyamc says:

    That was a wonderful read.What striked me more through my reading is to ‘be positive ‘ and ‘dream high’.Thank you!

  5. M'bolla says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so in sync with your post. Timely! Thanks for sharing.xoxo


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