Missing someone – How are you doing?

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Missing someone means that we shared unforgettable times which is lovely and healthy. How are they doing? The more you miss them, pray for them.

In this busy and hectic life, while we are diverted doing our own stuff of working, learning, and building relationships, there are people who pop up into our minds. How are they doing? Are they fine, happy, and healthy? Do they remember us? Will we be able to meet again soon? When and how?

Many questions are there! Everyone has such people whose memories are still vivid while they are so far away. Or maybe they are here closer but we can't get involved or get in touch. Life is busy or things had happened or this or that, anyway, it's just not possible to know how they are!

However, all of a sudden, they are here taking place in our daily thoughts as if we are chatting on a daily basis! Missing someone is a nice thing. Do you know why? Because it is harder to have no one to miss.

Missing them means that we shared unforgettable times which is lovely and healthy when some other ones have no such precious persons! Sometimes when it is hard about missing old friends, I keep smiling at their funny memories and laugh at their silly moments that kept in my memory.

Maybe this post about missing someone is here now because of someone I miss and cannot reach! Maybe! In a certain period of my life, I had so many friends and real ones. We had great times together and made so precious memories that cannot be forgotten.

However, another period of my life was so dull that I couldn't make a single friend and was distanced from my old friends. Only then, I realized how blessed I was for having good friends. I believe everyone has encountered similar situations as we are all enduring our hardships because of the precious ones around us or who were around us before.

In friends, the oldest is the best

Being with old friends has a special flavor that won't be found with other ones. They are like the deep-rooted trees, they have the deepest impact on our hearts and the most trusted bonds. They represent a special period of our life when we were younger than now and maybe more passionate about making friends and treasuring them.

 We can skip formalities and be free and thoughtless sometimes and this is what makes us very close. Time has made us skip the things that ruin friends and because we are not very available to be together, we see every moment as precious and priceless. 

Those times, because they were very memorable, the ones we shared them with have become irreplaceable. That's why no matter how far we get and how hard to stay in contact, we still think of them as our friends; our old friends. 

Reconnect with old friends

A little more effort is needed to get the numbers of those who are out of the country and arrange to meet those who have a busy schedule of working and managing kids. Action is needed and whatever you can do sincerely will be good enough. This effort is what will have us reconnect again.

I will not say to see them every day and talk on phones all night venting out about work stress and family problems like the old days because everything must have changed now. But, I will say to have them very close to your heart to be able to run to them when you need advice from someone who knows about you and understands you completely.

This is the benefit of being around someone who has seen your history of younger age. They know the old version of you that may be needed when changes alter your personality that you need someone to remind you of who you were and how to get yourself together properly.

As much as you miss them, pray

Having them in your heart, missing them so much, loving them sincerely is evidence of how important they are to you. Not being able to see or briefly meet which is not enough to reminisce the beautiful days spent together will make you miss them more and need them more and more. Only then, prayers are the best solution.

Pray for someone to be in his best state, to live happily, and for all his wishes to come true. Just pray for them.

For me, I believe that people I miss dearly may need my prayers rather than my existence in certain issues. For this reason, I keep telling my friends to pray for me whenever I come to their minds or miss me.

Thus, for those I miss the most now, praying is my genuine way of showing my heart. I believe they know how much love is here in my heart for them wherever they are. Prayers are the best medicine for an absent precious one. 

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  1. Indeed ”prayers are the best medicine”. I am trying to develop habit of ‘praying for someone I miss’ as well these days, it’s so satisfying ❤❤.

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