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Quotes Of The Day

Quotes of the day. Quotes to live by. Motivational, inspirational, positive, life quotes. Never give up hope. Live your best life now. One positive Hayat.

Stop worrying about how


Picture quotes. “When you stop worrying about how and focus on why, you’ll realize that this new beginning isn’t quite so scary.”

Focus on your breath


Picture quotes. “Focus on your breath. When you feel sad or stressed out, close your eyes and turn all of your attention to your inhales and exhales until you feel centered again.”

Be compassionate


Picture quotes. “Be compassionate. The world is difficult enough for people, and you can make it a little easier with kindness.”

Make more memories


Picture quotes. “You can always make more money, but you can’t go back and make more memories. Enjoy your life now.”

Choose yourself first


Picture quotes. Choose yourself first. “Holding on to something that no longer serves you is like swimming against the oceans current.”

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