The Best Is yet To Come – 10 Quotes To live By

The Best Is yet To Come – 10 Quotes To live By

1. “Live each day believing that the best is yet to come.” – Germany Kent

2. “You will never become extraordinary by having ordinary goals.” – Garima Soni

3. “A slow start is better than no start.” – Garima Soni

4. “Shine your light on the world so we can all enjoy its glow.” – S. Naomi


5. “Follow your passion and success will follow you.” – Garima Soni

6. “The only person who should know your next move is you.” – Garima Soni

7. “You can’t grow without suffering.” – Garima Soni


8. “Don’t use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe.” – Golden Flower

9. “The only thing you lose in taking risk is fear.” – Marion Bekoe

10. “If you got nothing positive to think, then don’t think it at all.” – Jeanette Coron


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  1. SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
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    Better Yet Best is Here Now
    As Now Is All That is So Very Satisfied
    With Now

    Just More

    To Make Now
    Every Best Still
    Coming Now New With SMiLes…:)

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