They don’t get any further in life


“Many people don’t get any further in life because their ego makes them feel like starting over is a bad thing.”

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2 thoughts on “They don’t get any further in life”

  1. Oh Goodness Dear Chaymaa Life is All About New
    Beginnings Every Inhale of Peace Exhale Of Love
    Particularly Living in Balance

    This Way With the Rest

    Of Nature Always Changing

    True Most of Nature is Too Busy
    Starting Always New Now to Look
    Back mY FRiEnD Sadly We

    Humans Tend to Get Lost
    in Ruminations of the Past
    And Forecasts of Fear For

    The Future That May Never
    Come to Pass One Part of Life

    For Sure is Now Will Change

    Into A New Beginning Next
    How We Adapt to that Change

    is A Difference Between Content
    or Some Experience Of Life Less

    LiFE NoW..:)

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