What Are Your Five Basic Emotions?

Tons of emotions conquer your daily life. They pop up alternatively based on mood and situations getting involved with. However, research summarized these mixed types of emotions and labeled them into five basic emotions.

Identifying them while taking a close observation may help you control how you feel and how to stop that feeling in a way or another. Human basic emotions are happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust.

Of course, there are different theories about this categorization and why it's made that way, but it makes sense to think these five emotions control our life. Actually I didn't think about this subject specifically as I know people feel joy when it calls for it and gets sad when something bad happens. This simple is how someone lives his daily life dealing with various emotions.

1. Happiness

Happiness is a feeling you may get confused about when we try to define it. You are happy when you achieve a long-life goal and when you meet someone you love. You also feel happiness when you help someone or get help from someone in an unexpected way.

How you feel when you are happy and how your heart acts at such moments is what determines how much you need to be happy and how you will make this possible.

Put your hand on your heart and listen to whatever it directs you to. Make sure you carry the key to your own happiness with you all along the road. Don't make it belongs to any other one but you.

2. Sadness

To be sad means that you are not happy at a certain time. You may have lost something or someone or got hurt by them. The feeling of sadness is brief just like how much you were happy before and now it's another feeling just dominates.

If you can't feel your sadness and live in it for a while, then you cannot appreciate the happiness when its time comes. There is no one who doesn't know what is sadness or hasn't felt it before, yet you need someone to tells you it's okay and you are not the only one.

Just don't resist it badly, be sad, and let your heart be strengthened after winning over its sadness courageously. Whether it's sorrow or guilt, just make sure your heart holds the upper hand and be in control. You cannot live with only winning or you will not be considered a survival.


3. Anger

When your anger takes part in a certain situation, then you are at loss, believe me. To be angry is to lose your peace and your reasonability. It hurts when you lose your stability and make poor decisions just because you are angry.

When it gets really hard, and you feel like losing control, count from one to ten in sixty seconds. When your mind tells you to vent your heart content out at times of anger, hold on a little more, and stay firm when you oppose it. This is called a hard time which when it gets over, you will be relieved you got your mind under control. 

Most regrets come when you lose your mind in times of fury. Once you regain your calmness, you realize that some strange person was in charge at that time.

Make sure to train yourself when you are calm about how to restrain your mind from acting repulsively out of rage. You are the one responsible for the circumstances. Therefore, try to be wise and not lose to your temporary emotions.

4. Fear

Fear and anxiety take a big part in people's actions and reactions. You will not be able to go one step forward without getting scared of what may happen. Some people let fear control more than it should and for that, they get trapped in time without proper movement, and this may be repeated times and times.

What you fear may be what will set you free. It's a rock blocking your way, you cannot move forward until you move it away from your own road.

Never run away from this feeling because you need to fight it and win no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes. Anxiety is an illness now, some people suffer from it for life. It makes fear grows bigger than its normal size. Don't be a prisoner for it, fight and find ways to defeat it.

Embrace your fears and dissolve them gradually. You have to find a way of defeating it yourself and to develop solutions for every time it tries to hold you back.

5. Disgust

Disgust is to be repulsive towards certain things leading to their rejection. It's a strong dislike for a thing that may be unpleasant to you in any way whether by taste, smell, or even by sight.

Refusing to be involved with these things or maybe situations is a result of feeling disgusted by them. You can feel it towards people doing things unfavorably.

Either emotional disgust or physical disgust, it's getting you looking for ways to change or avoid it. Actually, I didn't know that feeling disgusted is a universal emotion that counts significantly, but thinking about it it's not good to feel it often. Looking for ways to clean your way from what makes you develop such a feeling is a kind of success too.

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