Your Opportunity, Your Chance

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Your opportunity is your chance, so recognize it. open your doors of faith, hope, and positivity, so that your mind gets ready to see all of the benefits.


Opportunities come when we are not looking their way when we are searching for them in other forms in the opposite direction, and when we think of them as challenges coming to disturb our quiet life.

Arriving disguised as difficulties is the trick we all fall for, we get immersed into negative feelings of despair and panic, forgetting that nothing comes our way unless it bears something good just like the bad side we recognize right away.

When you sense such an opportunity, open all your doors of faith, hope, and positivity, so that your mind gets ready to see all the benefits of such chance and perceive them.

What If You Regret it?

Sometimes, we see and know there is a chance and maybe a lifetime one, yet we hesitate or may even turn it down. It happens when we feel not ready for it or believe that we are not worthy for some reason.

Actually, that is not wise because we may not be ready at this moment and maybe we will never be ready for good opportunities because we will always lack something, still, we should allow them to conquer our life. New missions will bring new challenges that will build new strength and this is how we grow and get ready for better chances.

If you turn down an opportunity for such a reason, then how much time would you need to be ready one hundred percent? The perfect opportunity with full preparation is some fantasy, there no such thing. If you wait, would this door be opened again? What if you regret it? Passed time won't be back and only bitterness and pangs of conscience of "what ifs" will be haunting you.
Opportunities come and miracles follow, you may miss one chance because you have your reasons you believe you can't do anything about, but don't miss them all for those same reasons, or you will be wasting your chances of achieving something new times and times.

Miracles will not appear in front of someone who is waiting for circumstances to change or people's help without moving an inch.

Stop Overthinking And Grab Your Opportunity

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At certain times, you needn't think much before acting, just be neutral towards what you face and your mind will act according to its nature. Let yourself embrace your surrounding events without stress which is mostly a result of overthinking. When you practice this, a ray of light will be guiding your weakened soul.

Following the light, you will be taken to new horizons of brightened universes, because the reflection of that light in your eyes at this specific moment is the golden time. Only then, new ideas will be born and new goals will be set. The chance you once feared will become a target you are aiming to.

Once you grab your opportunity and start facing your challenges, you will reach new stages of strength that will surprise you. Your power will make you ready for more because the pleasure of progress is a pushing power too. One opportunity when welcomed properly, others will appear to you, who is receiving and managing it very well.

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