The Strength In Our Scars – 25 Best Inspiring Quotes

The Strength In Our Scars – 25 Best Inspiring Quotes

Bianca Sparacino is an inspiring writer. The strength in our scars quotes is an amazing collection of inspiring words from her book, “The strength in our scars”. It encouraged many people to love themselves, embrace their pain, and develop the strength to go on bravely.

“No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you are on your healing journey, you are strong.” Her poetry and quotes captivated my heart, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

The Strength In Our Scars Quotes

1. “The things that hurt you may have left scars, but they did not destroy you. You survived, and there is hope in that.” ― Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars


2. “I just want to be able to say without hesitation that I lived my life, that I did not just take a back seat to my pain, or to my flaws.”

3. “So keep taking the steps. Keep asking the questions. Keep facing the things you need to face. You are getting closer every single day, even when it does not feel that way.”

4.“sometimes courage isn’t climbing Mount Everest or changing the world. Sometimes your mountain to climb is made up of weekdays and months, made up of pushing yourself forward even when you want to nestle into the past.”

5. “Sometimes changing the world means changing your world as gradually as you need to, as gently as you heal, because sometimes courage isn’t made up of war and bloodshed; sometimes courage isn’t made of combat.”

6. “Sometimes courage is a quiet fight, a dim softness within you, that flickers even on your darkest days and reminds you that you are strong, that you are growing, that there is hope.”


7. “You guard yourself against sadness, not realizing that you have closed yourself off to all of the happiness the world is trying to give to you. Stay open; it is how the light gets in.”

8. “How do you find the right one in a world of 7 billion people? First, you become the right one. The rest will follow.”

9. “So keep taking the steps. Keep asking the questions. Keep facing the things you need to face. You are getting closer every single day, even when it does not feel that way.”

10. “Six months ago, or twelve months ago, or two years ago, you fought your way out of the dark. You have the strength to save yourself. You always have. Please don’t ever forget that.”

11. “I asked her what happiness felt like, to which she replied, “It feels like everything inside of you has become light again, like for the first time in years, your heart has finally learned how to float above water.”


12. “If you are ever going to survive, if you are ever going to come out of the chaos, you have to collect the moments that have inspired you deeply in life and fold them into yourself every night for safekeeping.”

13. “The moment you truly start to believe that you are deserving of happiness, of love, of something bigger than what you have been settling for, your heart weeps a little, as if it is the first time in years it has been able to lay down its arms; as if it is the first time in years it has been able to rest.”

14. “Please, just choose impossibility. Choose risk. Choose to make mistakes and make memories, and make it up as you go.”

15. “So this is your life, and you are going to be both moved and confused by it. You are going to experience things that will inspire you and things that you will never quite come to terms with. Sometimes you will have to find comfort in being alone, in being lost.”

16. “You have to understand that there are certain things in life you truly have to let go of. There are certain things in life you cannot control, and the heart of another person is one of them. Either someone chooses you or they do not. Either someone decides to fight or they do not.”


17. “Please, whatever you do, just feel what you are feeling right now. Do not reach into yourself and pull out what life has planted within you. Instead, reach into yourself and cradle it. Give it home within you. Let it stay for as long as it needs. Do not rush it out the door. Just be with it.”

18. “You changed, and that is the single greatest reality of moving forward.”

19. “Some mornings you will wake up and your scars will ache, and some mornings you will wake up and you will fumble with all of the hope dripping from your fingertips. This is your growing, your healing, the balancing of the scales within your bones. You will be high and you will be low, but you will never be empty. You will never be empty.”

20. “Because happiness was never something you were going to find. Instead, it was something you were going to become.”

21. “when it is right, everything that you love ruthlessly will love you back with the same conviction.”


22. “You are allowed to take up space. Own who you are and what you want for yourself. Stop downplaying the things you care about, the hopes you have. Own your passions, your thoughts, your perceptions. Own your fire. Stop putting your worth in the hands of others; stop letting them decide your value. Own saying no, saying yes. Own your mood, your feelings. Own your plans, your path, and your success. Never back down from expressing yourself, from saying your name proudly. Never stop elbowing your way into this big world, because you belong here. You matter.”

23. “Please, don’t ever forget, even when you ache all over, even when the world is not kind, you are needed here. You are needed.”

24. “Sometimes, people come into our lives to teach us how to love; and sometimes, people come into our lives to teach us how not to love.”

25. “At the end of the day, all that you have lost is all that you have gained.” ― Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars


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    Life and experience with major scars teaches us the most important aspects of life… so they are not our scars they put the learning’s .. ⭐️

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    Quite lifting. Many thanks to Bianca for writing such amazing quotes, and to you too for sharing with us, my friend. 👏🌟🌟👏

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