I choose not to wrap myself up in grief


“I choose not to wrap myself up in grief over things I can’t change, can’t control, and, instead take joy in all the gifts I’ve been presented. Rather than rail against the moments I can’t have, I will cherish those I do, instead of squandering them in useless rage.” ― Todd McCaffrey

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9 thoughts on “I choose not to wrap myself up in grief”

  1. SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

    Our Worlds Are Ours To Color
    Or SHaDE With Grey Scales
    Falling Away to BLaCK Abyss

    The Good News Is Our Worlds

    Are Ours to Color And Grief

    Over Lost Love At
    Best Brings

    Inspiring Ways
    to Muse Our Worlds
    More Colorful Than Ever

    Before A Tribute to Yes the
    Greatest Force oF Love WiTH SMiLes
    A Tribute to Lost Loves At Best So Very
    Human Moving Connecting Co-Creating
    With Our Natures And the Rest of Nature
    With Least Harm At Best Not Becoming

    Only the Tools We
    Make And Loving
    Those And Losing
    ‘Things’ in Grief

    When ‘Things’
    Aren’t Alive
    As Breathing
    Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life…

    SMiLes i Had An Uncle Once With A Big
    Mansion Who Lost Much in A Big Hurricane
    Seeing A Homeless Man on the Street Naked
    Enough Whole Complete He Said Life Isn’t

    Fair He Had
    Nothing to Lose

    Oh Dear Lord Dear
    Chaymaa The Irony
    of Telling the Truth Indeed…

    For When We aRe Naked
    Enough Whole Complete
    THeRE ReaLLY iS Nothing
    to Add or Subtract Our Nature Breathes Free…

    So Many Homeless Men and Or Women i’ve Met
    Under Bridges At Beaches Whose Wealth Untold

    Is Plain
    For me at
    Least to Feel And Sense
    Just Breathing Free Naked
    Enough Whole Complete
    With a Little Help
    From Loving
    of Course
    With Naked
    Enough Whole Complete SMiLes..:)

    1. I’m sorry for your uncle.
      Yes, it’s hard for many people all around the world. However, there’s always hope, always. So let’s be optimistically praying for all people who are suffering silently. 😔

      1. SMiles Dear
        Chaymaa That
        Was Along Time
        Ago He Is Doing
        Okay Now At Least
        As Far As Material
        Goods Go That
        Drive His Life
        We All Have To
        Drive To Survive
        Fortunate Most
        To Thrive Within
        Thank You For
        Your Kind Sentiments😊🙏

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